industry sessions

The industry sessions offer a unique opportunity to connect with key thought leaders, access information on emerging science and innovative approaches on a wide-range of current medical topics. 

Considering that all Satellite Symposia will take place at the congress centre, all presentations will take place fully live and in person.

During the EADV 17th Symposium, sponsors will be able to organise morning, lunch and evening satellite symposia in one of the two rooms of 500 delegates each.

Satellite Symposia slots are available on Thursday 12, Friday 13 May 2022 and Saturday 14 May 2022.


Depending on the time slots, Satellite Symposia may vary from 60 to 90 minutes presentations and they take place outside the official EADV 17th Symposium schedule and core programme.

Satellite Symposia slots are available from Thursday 12 May to Saturday 14 May 2022 as follows:

Thursday 12 May 2022

Four morning and two lunch Satellite Symposia can be organised in two rooms of 500 people capacity each, with a duration of 60 minutes.

Friday 13 May 2022

Two lunch and two evening Satellite Symposia can be organised in two rooms of 500 people capacity each, with a duration of 60 minutes for lunch slot and up to a maximum of 90 minutes for the evening slot.

Saturday 14 May 2022

Two lunch Satellite Symposia can be organised in two rooms of 500 people capacity each, with a duration of 60 minutes.

Additional item descriptions, fees and deadlines are available on the industry opportunity catalogue  under the library section of this website.For any additional information, please contact

satellite symposia topics

In order to reduce Industry Sessions with similar topics running at the same time and increase participants’ opportunity to join the interested sessions, companies are requested to inform us in advance about the general programme topic that the industry will present.

An overview is available and will be continuously updated based on the confirmed slots on the Industry Online Portal under the “Exhibitor Tool” section.


The industry session organiser is solely responsible for keeping any of its industry sessions activities compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. EADV is not involved with or has any control over the content, quality, organisation, operation, scientific integrity of the activity and materials provided by the industries. EADV is not involved in the selection of speakers, moderators and other faculty.

ACCESS TO satellite symposia

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the EADV 17th Symposium, please make sure to select the right category, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Non-Healthcare Professionals (NON-HCPs), during the registration process.

Access to any industry sessions where data or research of prescription medicines is presented will be limited exclusively to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) only.

Industry Session organisers may limit participation to certain representative groups independently from EADV recommendations if deemed imperative to the achievement of the intended purpose of the Industry session.

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